IntelliDispatch® – Dispatching at your fingertips….

IntelliDispatch® is an all-in-one Dispatch, Scheduling and Trip Management system.
IntelliDispatch® can be used for scheduling trips to small or large fleets of vehicles and trips to be
dispatched to mobile devices connected to IntelliDispatch® Database.

IntelliDispatch® is currently in BETA stages and should not be used for production.
Test out our current BETA demo on the downloads page.
You will be notified automatically of current BETA updates.

IntelliDispatch® is based on four Major Dispatch Applications:
Dr. Dispatch®
Priority Dispatch®

Each of the uses of the following dispatch applications have been a proven success in the Medical Transportation Industry and we hope the we too will be the next successor to provide to you an in-expensive dispatch application for your company.

Please take the time to test our BETA releases while we are contantly improving new features to the application.




Charles OBrien
OBriens Computer Service
IntelliDispatch® Transit Software